Caidan Chivalry

Caidan Chivalry - Recommendations

If you would like to write a letter of recommendation for a gentle for the Caidan Order of Chivalry, please include the following items.

    1. Candidate Info: SCA Name, Modern Name (Also include former names they may be known by)

    2. Fighting Info: Level of ability, general fighting trends, teaching ability, marshaling status, etc.

    3. Service Info: Level of activity in Service (Past and Present)

    4. Arts & Science Info: Level of ability in Arts & Science (Past and Present)

    5. Location Info: Area in which they reside, area in which they play

    6. Affiliation Info: If they are squired, households they may belong to, etc.

    7. Personal Opinion on why you think they should be elevated to the Order of Chivalry

    8. If available, a photo of them in armor and a photo of them in garb

Send the letter to the Chivalry Liaison and the Crown.